Client — Microsoft
Year — 2013
Role — CD
Category — Experience


In 2013, Microsoft launched the much anticipated Xbox One next generation entertainment platform. While Microsoft's website was driving significant traffic and delivering vital information to its huge fanbase, there was an underserved segment of users with an appetite for richer and more interactive storytelling.


The experience tells the story of the Xbox platform in a more game-like manner than their website. As a part of a bigger initiative to engage with hardcore fans, its content is far more detailed than any of the information provided on the xbox website and utilizes an HTML 5 responsive architecture functions on multiple platforms. Using videos and parallax animations, the 360 degree storytelling pivots seamlessly from product browsing to check-out shopping.

Landing page

We created a video player experience that enables users to sit back and learn about the product features in a more traditional fashion, or lean into the UI and get detailed information and supplemental content.

Personalized Demo

The Interactive Room tells the XBOX One story through the user’s perspective, as if they are sitting on their couch in their own living room. By humanizing the technology, we want this experience to feel more like a real-life demo than a marketing site.

4.95 million users visited the Xbox One landing page and over 1 million users took the personalized demo.