Client — Activision
Year — 2012
Agency — Razorfish
Role — CD
Category — Experience


The goal was to develop a site for kids that entertains while selling. Ensure that the foundation of the Giants experience effectively promotes the launch of the game title, yet provides potential for iterating in the future.


The Skylands Exploratorium looks less like a website and more like a game itself. The organic and unconventional layout taps into kids' inherent curiosity and impulse to explore. The magic of Skylands is infused in the DNA of the Exploratorium: A fantasy world that kids can explore and immerse themselves in. Above all, it communicates the "Giant-ness" of the new game, not just in words and pictures, but in the entirety of the digital experience.

The Exploratorium

This is the “10,000 foot view” of the Skylands experience. Users hop around from the various islands by swiping on their tablet or by using the mouse.

Island View

Each island represents a section of the site inhabited by characters and imbued with scenery from the game. Some islands can can even contain hidden treasure, so its worthwhile checking them all out.

Character Detail

At the character level, we provide users with useful stats, mythology, photos, and videos related to the character as well as link to buy. At the bottom of the page is a carousel of all the characters, so we make it easy for visitors to learn about all of the characters.


We used a hub and spoke model for navigation on mobile devices.