Client — Intel
Year — 2017
Role — CD
Category — Branding + Web
Launch Project


Nervana Systems is an AI technology start-up that was acquired by Intel in 2016. With its unique product offering and brand image, Nervana wanted to refresh their online presence with a responsive design system that communicated its individual vision, while incorporating certain portfolio and partner assets from Intel. We were to leverage wordpress components and templates wherever possible, and deliver a fully functioning platform in just over a month.


Cutting edge AI technology is often characterized as disruptive and aggressive, and draws inspiration from sci-fi films. We wanted to do something quite different – to establish a vision of harmony where tech and nature work together and co-exist. In effect, we wanted our design to convey a message of peace and hope for the future. The primary audience is highly technical (i.e. Ph.D. in machine learning), so we went with a precise minimalist design language and an intentionally natural/subdued color scheme that enables the content (articles, blog posts, and resources) to flourish.


At the begining of the project, we created and shared a set of moodboards as a means to align on a particular vision/look and feel. This collage, titled "Zen", communicates a vision of harmony where nature and technology co-exist and was ultimately used as the spring board for much of our design work.

Custom Icons

We created a set of custom duotone vector illustrations to be used on various technology pages.