Client — Hampton Creek
Year — 2015
Role — CD
Category — Experience


Within a few days of our pitch to Hampton Creek, the Silicon Valley startup with its mission to overthrow the food industy and make vegan mainstream, I was brought onboard the creative team to design and bring this prototype to life.


I wanted the Hampton Creek digital brand experience to feel like a "social movement" with lots of vibrant enthusiasm as expressed by both celebrity brand embassadors and everyday social media contributors who all love their products. I turned the traditional media wall/social crawl into an interactive system that curves left/right and zooms in/out of a 3D space. Using a globe as the centerpiece of the navigation, the design draws heavy inspiration from Hampton Creek's global vision of changing the world for good.


The user is greeted with a branded video introduction which resolves to a homepage menu in the form of a spinning Earth.

Explore mode

Clicking or tapping on the spinning Earth menu brings the user to explore mode, where content is presented in a horizontal parallax format.


At any point in the customer journey, the user is able to enter shop mode.