Year — 2014
Role — CD
Category — Display


With many retail companies seeking to embrace technology and better position themsleves in the digital space, our goal was to design and build an interactive display prototype that would appeal to innovative leaders in the retail space.


Based on existing technology, I designed this self service interactive table which belongs in a clothing/fashion store or showroom. When a customer places a sales item on the table, it recognizes the object that was placed and provides the customer with valuable related information such as photos, videos, and product details/specs. By leveraging digital online sales trends and data, this table can also suggest other products that are stylistically similar and might appeal to the customer.

How it works

In this scenario, a customer places a orange purse on the table, which it recognizes as a Michael Kors designed item that is currently on sale for $138.99. She then navigates to the "Style with" section and discovers other items that match well with this purse.