Client — Farmers
Year — 2013
Role — CD
Category — Experience


Farmers Insurance does a great job of attracting prospects to its website, but their online experience isn't converting enough prospects to customers. Plus: Insurance is just plain boring... how can we make it fun?


First, we redesigned the homepage to be more familiar and playful to the audience. We also added a level of personalization as each layout is crafted dynamically by region and user profile. Next, we created a highly visual and entertaining recommendation engine which assists users in finding the best insurance coverage deals for their unique needs. And finally, we streamlined the Quick Quote user flow so that users can get a quote faster and in fewer steps.

Recommendation Experience

This experience allows users to create a scene that represents their lives and their insurable assets. Its a fun and entertaining way to provide recommendations and present deals to prospects.

Quick Quote

The 60 Second Quick Quote provides users with a quote in less time and fewer steps.