Client — Dr. Pepper
Year — 2015
Role — CD
Category — Social Campaign


Get 18-24yr old Standouts to buy one more Dr Pepper at C-Store, because only Dr Pepper offers the one-of-a-kind flavor and partnerships that allow them to express their individuality.


Batman and Superman have a lot in common. They’re both heroes. Both orphans. Both committed to serving justice. And yet, they’re very different characters–true one-of-a-kinds.

It’s this uniqueness that prompts impassioned fans to choose a favorite–offering up an outlet for them to express their own one-of-a-kind point of views. So playing off this simple truth, we’ll set out to see if favoritism toward a particular superhero can flavor a person’s perception of a soft drink. Turning the traditional consumer taste test on its head, we’ll motivate drinkers to buy both Superman and Batman bottles of Dr Pepper and pick a favorite. The joke is of course that, aside from packaging, they’re both exactly the same.

Two superheros. two Bottles.

To generate social conversation, we need to create a sense of ambiguity–one that fosters debate. We will never spell out whether there’s actually a difference between our two Batman v Superman Dr Peppers. It’s this tension that will lead to mass conversation in social media and in the real world.

Social and paid media

Social networks will be buzzing over the debate of which superhoero/Dr Pepper reigns supreme, while poplular websites will feature takeover advertisements with real-time vote - all driving users to the campaign landing page.

Social Influencers

Over the following days, the user notices a handful of well-known comedians, internet celebrities and comic book experts choosing a side on Twitter and Facebook. Each uses the hashtag #SupermanDrP and #BatmanDrP.

Campaign launch video

Upon arrival at the campaign landing page, the user is treated to a Pepper v Pepper launch video that pokes fun at the traditional taste test/man on the street film. We open on a montage of people in public spaces being interviewed after taste testing bottles of Superman and Batman Dr Pepper. Cutting between hardcore comic fans and regular people, we see a wide-range of personalities and opinions.

Campaign landing page

After the video, the screen divides into two columns–each side supporting one of our two superhero Dr Peppers (#SupermanDrP v #BatmanDrP). Scrolling down, the user is invited to vote via a hashtagged social post, follow real time polling numbers, view posts from others and engage with content created by us – ranging from humorous test videos to social contests and promotions.