True Health Assessment

Client — USANA
Year — 2015
Agency — Razorfish
Role — CD
Category — APP (Tablet, Mobile)


USANA’s True Health Assessment is a tool that provides personalized and actionable advice and solutions to help improve your lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition. Our assignment was to build a multi-device APP that not only delivers on the promise of providing valuable health information, but does so in a visually engaging, personalized and fun manner that builds trust with the brand.


With an inventory of 40+ questions, our first task was to organize the questionaire and establish a more natural cadence as a means to facilitate the experience. All of the content maps to a four-pronged hub and spoke structure with Profile, Body, Routines, and Nutrition. With a toolbox of interactive components including sliders, menus, and switches, the user is able to quickly move through the questionaire and do so in a more game-like and entertaining manner. As more questions are answered, the imagery and messaging becomes increasingly personalized through nuanced imagery mapped to gender, ethnicity, age, and other data-driven demographics.

Profile and Body

The Profile section asks several important questions that drive the creative look and feel throughout the other sections including the user's name, age, ethnicity, and where they live. There are fourteen pages in the Body section ranging from height/weight measurements to Health status and personal health goals.


Many of the questions in this section revolve around physical fitness routines including cardio and strength training,. However, we also cover other subjects such as stress levels, and sleep schedule that also play a big part in one's health.


In the nutrition section, we designed an interface which allows the user to build a visual representation of their eating habits by building a meal.


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