Product Experience

Client — Intel
Year — 2016
Agency — Razorfish
Role — CD
Category — Design System
Launch Project


Product-related content on is one of their most heavily visited areas, generating over 95 million page views in 2015. Due to there being 3 stand-alone properties that host overlapping, redundant content for information, the customer journey had, over time, become disjointed and cumbersome. This was compounded by how properties not only looked, but behaved differently. This needed to be cleaned up in a manner that works across all breakpoints, and establishes the look and feel for Intel's digital design system moving forward.


We redesigned the product catalog from the ground up as a user-centric, and primarly task-oriented environment. We streamlined the experience adopting a light-handed design language. It was a process in reductive editing - where we eliminated anything that wasnt absolutely necessary to the user. We still infused a level of brand DNA and aspiration into the experience through marquees and use case imagery. In effect, our goal is to reflect Intel’s personality without getting in the way.

Category Page

As the user navigates through the catalog, the marquee imagery reinforces the product branding with design cues derived from the box art packaging. We overhauled the product comparison tool, and introduced a new shop component which enables users to purchase from virtually anywhere on the site, (this interaction previously required several clicks/page visits). Robust filtering, sorting, and viewing mechanisms were also added as a means to fascilitate, and streamline the customer journey.

Product Detail Page

At the product detail, (or SKU) level, we introduced a media gallery in the marquee area that allows users to browse high resolution artwork and/or video content.