AEM Platform

Client — Intel
Year — 2016
Agency — Razorfish
Role — CD
Category — Design System
Launch Project


As trends and business objectives are in a continuous state of flux, Intel's website must be nimble and flexible enough to meet these changes and adapt. We build the AEM blades and templates (the building blocks) of Intel's website that are used by storytellers, marketers, and strategists who utilize a variety of medium (art, copy, video, data) to deliver their message.


With an agile multi-disciplinary design + development team, we are in a near constant state of adding functionality to Intel's website. Sometimes we refine and enhance existing blades and templates based on analytics/focus group. Sometimes we build them from scratch. The responsive design framework is optimized for multiple breakpoints and frequently A/B tested to ensure optimization.

Homepage Template

Intel's homepage utilized a stacked layout of identical promotional blades, and offered limited customization options to the design/editorial teams. We designed and built a new homepage template system (with a variety of new blades options) that provides greater layout flexibility and creativity to the design team. Amongst the enhancements include a feature a fullpage video takeover to deliver important news announcements.

Product Catalog

Product-related content on is one of their most heavily visited areas, generating over 95 million page views in 2015. Previously, there were 3 stand-alone properties that hosted overlapping, redundant content for the customer journey where properties not only looked, but behaved differently.

We redesigned the product catalog from the ground up as a user-centric task-oriented environment. The marquee imagery reinforces product branding with design cues derived from box art packaging. We overhauled the product comparison tool, and introduced a new shop component which enables users to purchase from virtually anywhere on the site, (this interaction previously required several clicks/page visits). Robust filtering, sorting, and viewing mechanisms were also added as a means to fascilitate, and streamline the customer journey.

Find a Store

New map-powered search functionality was added to the customer journey where users ara able to find stores and product resellers.

Product Detail

At the SKU level, we added a variety of new components including Product Options and Compatable products blades which assist the user in their shopping experience, and we proposed an image/video gallery to showcase the form factors of certain products.

Product brochure

Most online product briefs are technical and dry. We wanted Intel's brochureware to have both rich storytelling capabilities and a more editorial look and feel. Various components/blades can be mixed and matched here to tell a story using the appropriate medium including an inline lead generation form.