Visibly Smart

Client — Intel
Year — 2011
Agency — Razorfish
Role — ACD
Category — Web + Mobile + Touch


"Visibly Smart" is the over arching campaign for Intel's 2nd Generation Core Processor family of chips. This global microsite serves three objectives: First, as the destination landing page for all of the Visibly Smart advertising, both online and offline, second, to communicate in-depth knowledge about the features and enhancements to Intel's latest chip family, and third, to provide a decision tool that enables the user to "test drive" the core processor that best fits their computing needs, ultimately leading to driving computer sales through


The end result is a fluid and dynamic experience which uses flash, live action video, voice over, and a parallax effect that adds a three dimensional quality to the environment. In addition to being a rich media microsite, the experience is also available for mobile, low-bandwidth, and touch displays optimized for both iPad and Android