Hyundai Owners

Client — Hyundai
Year — 2012
Agency — Razorfish
Role — CD
Category —Social Campaign


Redefine the mobile experience to more personally serve the needs of prospects, first-time owners, and loyal repeat customers, while seamlessly integrating with Hyundaiusa, Blue Link, Hyundai Motor Finance and other key Hyundai applications.


With such a diverse audience of potential users and vehicle scenarios, we designed a “mobile first” personalized experience that acts as a true extention of the user’s relationship with their vehicle. The site delivers dynamic content that anticipates the user’s, and their vehicle’s needs, and even takes on the tone of their owned vehicle, such as when it alerts the owner that it requires maintanance.

By introducing an intuitive persistant navigation system, and seamlessly integrating Hyundaiusa and MyHyundai into one experience, we facilitate the ability for users to experience the two formerly distinct environments, thereby encouraging registration on the part of prospects, and information gathering on the part of owners.