Call of Duty

Client — Activision
Year — 2009
Agency — Razorfish
Role — ACD
Category — Integrated Campaign


Modern Warfare 2 is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter game developed by infinity Ward and the sixth installment of the Call of Duty franchise. Our client wanted the MW2 promotional campaign to be aggressive and more digitally focused than it had been in years past. They were also open to a number of new ideas.


My overarching concept, called, "Command Center", features artwork heavily treated with tinted screen lines, and mechanical interface elements which draws heavily from the more digitzed and social gameplay of MW2. Tactical executiions include: A central COD landing experience to house all six COD titles, destructive rich media takeover banners, printed speads for both editorial and events, and a robust social networking site for MW2 players and fans designed to enhance and facilitate multiplayer gameplay.

Infinity Ward

Multiplayer is huge part of Call of Duty's tradition. We created a social networking site for both hardcore fans and for the rookies to team up and interact.